Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NYC #3

On one of our many "detours" we ran across Anthropologie. We just couldn't pass this one up, even though we have these in So Cal. Anthropologie is always fun to go into. I absolutely love their creativity in their displays. They do amazing things with paper and yarn. It's like an art show. Sorry for the reflection. We had lunch next to Purl at Once Upon a Tart. We didn't even realize there are two different doors with two different specialities. We had yummy sandwiches with tomato, fresh mozzarella, arugula (my favorite) and artichoke spread on foccacia bread. The other section is all about the desserts. It was seriously tempting, but we moved on. There was a very nice man out front that told us about it, but he was sitting there reading his newspaper, drinking his diet coke and eating his weekly Milky Way bar. He was in front of the window that was filled with strawberry tarts and other yummy things. I teased him a little. He said he had a craving. Which I totally understand.

One of the main stops on my itinerary was the famous ABC Carpet and Home. It is 6 floors of loveliness. Very high end antiques and reproductions, beautiful linens, lighting and accessories. We didn't have nearly enough time or money to do this store any justice. It's probably just as well.
Try to look closely at this picture. There are several beautiful chandeliers outside the doors. Very fun. I was too intimidated to take pictures inside. The place has crazy slow elevators and a narrow staircase, which we opted for.
We realized that we needed to get back and couldn't get to Tinsel Trading Company. I was disappointed, but it was unavoidable. Our many backtracks and turn arounds didn't help at all. We got back to the hotel at 4 and our event started at 5. We made it just in time and the evening was wonderful. We heard Jerry Seinfeld, Alicia Keyes and Stevie Wonder. It was all very, very nice indeed. Looks like I'll need to go back again!


  1. Oh My! I do love NY! Thanks for the peek into your trip ... it made me long to go there. Do you know that song "New York Sate of Mind?" I think Billy Joel wrote it.

  2. Sounds like a great trip! Thanks so much for the link to my blog. Will be basck!

  3. Gosh, makes me long for NYC again! Your pics and writing are very beautiful and inspiring... I know how you feel about this being so addicting... I am supposed to be working before we go to lunch today... felt like I did enough and gave myself a treat checking out your blog again. Wonderful!


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