Saturday, September 6, 2008

New York City Shopping

Wedding dress display.
All paper flowers.
Our business trip is a very quick trip to New York City. We finally arrived around 6:00 at our hotel, the London NYC on W 54th Street. It was very fancy. We cleaned up and headed to a reception at MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art which was within walking distance. There was lots of people and food and a little art. There were 3 exhibits open for us, we only managed to see one. The Dali exhibit closed before we got to it. We saw the exhibit on Architecture and Interiors. I think that's what it was called. I absolutely loved this exhibit. It was very interesting and definitely my cup-of-tea.
The next day my DH went to his business meeting and I went shopping with another wife. Shopping in New York City was certainly an adventure. I had planned it all out, had the mapquest itinerary all printed off. I was going to get down to SoHo and begin at Purl. The second stop was to be ABC Carpet and Home and the third was to be Tinsel Trading Company. It was all a 3 mile walk from the hotel to Soho. I got some direction from our travel people and was thrilled that MK decided to tag along. Thank goodness. We headed first toward Central Park, got a bagel and muffin at a corner street vendor and ate it on the outer edge of the park. Then we headed to the nearest subway station. Let me add that it was UNBELIEVABLY HOT AND HUMID. I was told that it had been in the 70s prior to our arrival and then a heat wave set in. We were dripping. But, we carried on for the cause! The subway went smoothly, people were helpful, probably laughing at us, but helpful and courteous.

I certainly didn't take as many pictures as I should have. What was I thinking? I was lost, that's what I was thinking. We didn't really get LOST. We were significantly turned around. No one informed me that there were TWO Broadways. I was working off of the assumption that there was one. But, there is another called West Broadway that is only a few blocks away from regular Broadway. Goodness! We had some adventures along the way. I think I'll share them in more than one post because this could get really lengthy.
Our first stop, right off of the subway and heading the wrong direction was Kate's Paperie. As you will recall, this wasn't on my list. But, I'm okay with a little distraction now and then. There was sort of a beam of light pulling me into this store. It has a huge array of beautiful papers, cards, invitations and just all around fun stuff. The window display and various displays inside are very creative. Here are a couple of them. I loved the wedding dress made entirely out of their various paper products. I had my little point and shoot camera, so the pictures are okay, not great. I bought a couple of things to add wax seals to the wedding programs later in the month. We'll see how it works out. It would be a great resource for wedding invitations and papers if you have access to one.

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