Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lamps and Stewardship

Since I'm lamp shopping, I thought I'd show you my FAVORITE lamp. I bought this at Scentimental Gardens,, which at the time was in St. Charles, Illinois. Now it is in Geneva, Illinois. I absolutely love crewel work. This is in our Master Bedroom where we have more of a beach vibe going on. It all has yet to be perfected. Since most of my lamps are from Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware, this venture into beautiful lamps is kind of intimidating. I still use brass lamps from the 80's and 90's. Some of them are classic and I hate to stop using them. Any opinions out there about brass lamps?

Here's a philosophical question about decorating, if it can be philosophical. I try to spend my money wisely. So, I struggle with this dilemma. Is it better to buy something inexpensive at say, Home Goods, because SOMEDAY you can justify getting rid of it or buy something beautiful, but expensive and never feel okay about updating it? That's a long sentence. A friend of mine who dabbles in decorating feels like if you love it you won't ever want to get rid of it. But, don't tastes change to some degree? How much am I a victim of the everchanging fashion of the day? How about you? Is it better stewardship of my resources to buy quality or a cheaper trend? Just wondering.


  1. That lamp is so pretty.

    I don't know what my philosophy is on decorating...I think it ebbs and flows, and my husband and I are both impulsive, then again, we can be indecisive, who knows?

    Bella :)

  2. well, what a question. I try to buy the best quality for the money I have to spend. I'm so eclectic and I'm attracted to so many different styles, I try to unite them somehow with color mostly, but when it's time to move in another direction, I'm often ready to get rid of it or change it somehow, anyway, in this day and age of e-bay and appreciation for dollars spent on quality items, I believe you can sell anything in order to replace it and shouldn't ever be attatched to something just because you spent alot on it. It can certainly stunt one's direction when they decorate.
    About those old brass lamps...if you like the shape, I've actually spray painted new finishes on them and replaced or altered shades. I had a friend who painted her old brass chandelier a hammered metal finish using spray paint from Lowes and wow was it a stunner. Worked great.


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