Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Great Room

This is our great room. Originally it was designed to be a living/dining room. I don't really need a dining room, so I converted it to a Great Room. You can tell by the chandelier that is hung over the piano now. There are only a few things I would still like to do in here. One is replace this okay chandelier with something fancier. I had this huge mirror custom made to fit this wall. It just needed a big mirror that would bring light into the room and reflect the garden. It's big and heavy and we needed help to hang it.

These baskets are good, but it still needs some help. What are your opinions about fake plants? I prefer live ones, but in these kinds of situations, I'm thinking it needs some ivy or something. The speakers don't help. They are much better than the ones my husband had when we married 28 years ago. They were our end tables!

The other thing I want to do is have window treatments made. I've got a specific idea, linen drapes with blue toile scalloped valances. I'll scan a picture of them when my dead computer gets fixed. Lastly, this room needs crown molding. As I look at this picture the creme table cloth is standing out to me. Should this be gold too? I'm sick of gold.


  1. Oh! I love that mirror and a glitzy bling of a chadelier would be fabulous.
    You have great style and I think you are right to break up the color of those baskets with something. I can picture some dried hydrangea and I used to sell some wonderful natural looking artificial flowers in my store by a company called Meravic (i think that is how it's spelled) Maybe you can find a store that sells this brand. And a richer color on that table cover would be great.
    The designer in me is meddling in your business and I say go with your instincts. They are great!!!

  2. Hi Karen,

    First, I love that room! It is so pretty! I would maybe add some of that blue color to the tablecloth. Either layer over the cream..or just get a new blue one..pick up the color from those throw pillows...and there are so many great artificial flowers out nowadays...I would stay away from the fake plastic green ones...I like tina's ideas of dried hydrangea!


  3. looking good - but I would love to see you get curtains! They would be wonderful in here. And yes Curry and Co. is DANGEROUS - stay away unless you are flush with cash!



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