Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farmer's Market Flowers

I thought I'd show you the bouquet of flowers that I bought at our farmer's market last week. They were so exotic and only $5 so I had to bring them home. I was told that the big flowers are called Protea. These are a little different than the beautiful sunflowers that Pig-Town Designs bought at her farmer's market. Being from the Midwest, the sunflowers are more what I'm used to. I thought I'd show you what we have out here in SoCal.


  1. :-) You REALLY need to come visit us when we're back in Australia then! Those proteas, though they're a native of (I think) South Africa, they grow readily in Australia. Lots of people have them in their gardens. You'd love the Banksia's and Wattles too I'm sure!

  2. Let's plan it! Glad to see you found me.


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