Sunday, August 10, 2008

Buddy's wondering. . .

Buddy's wondering where we've been lately. We've been out of blogging mode because of travel and internet problems. Hopefully the internet problems are resolved and travel has slowed for a little while. If you're considering flying anywhere, have a Plan B. We were just notified that Midwest Airlines cancelled our flights to our daughter's wedding NEXT MONTH! Fortunately, Southwest Airlines has come to our rescue.


  1. So glad your travel plans and saved and your back to blogging.

  2. Karen!

    I wondered where ya were...glad you are okay! So glad you found alternative flight arrangements..that is the last thing ya need to worry about when your daughter is getting married! Oh, and also..I am gonna have to be dognappin that little sweetie! Hehe.


  3. Ohhhhh, I miss my Grandpup! He probably has forgotten he ever travelled to Kansas.


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