Monday, August 18, 2008

Girlie Guest Room

This is my guest room and the askew collection of rose paintings. Two of them aren't roses and are from Home Goods (black frames). The rest are from antique and thrift stores. There's obviously a spot for one more. Even the sconces were from a thrift store, they are gilt and have roses on them too.

This little print is one of my favorites. The doggie is catching the drips from the bottom of the ice cream cone. I bought it for $1 and had it rematted. They changed the glass, which I wasn't too happy about. The candle sticks are from ebay and really are the same color. I couldn't get a good picture of my vintage floral curtains with, YES, roses on them. I'll post them another day.
These little bookends are precious and I found them at an antique store in Massachusetts. They were used in my daughter's room growing up and I just can't part with them. Any male visitors to our home just have to "suffer" in the girlie guest room. There are worse things!


  1. What a pretty room - any guest would be lucky to spend the night! Male or Female!

  2. Wow! So sweet and so girlie.
    Very B&B.

  3. Hello, You've been awarded the "I Love Your Blog" Award!!
    check out my blog today

  4. If I had a guest room, you better believe it would be all dolled up just like yours ;) A tired man would not complain, I don't think...

    Bella :)


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