Sunday, July 20, 2008

Decorating Trends, In or Out?

I'm wondering. There are lots of stores that have "vase fillers". They're everywhere along with apothecary jars. I have several myself. While I love apothecary jars I'm curious what anyone thinks about if this is a trend or something that will stay for awhile. I sometimes am frustrated when you see something original and before long it's everywhere. Beautiful antique apothecary jars have segued into cheap versions at Home Goods and Target. I do understand the benefit of having beautiful design be available to anyone, but then that takes the uniqueness away from the originals. I'd like to hear opinions on two things, whether fillers and jars are a trend that are OVER and your opinion on "accessible design." Just thinking.


  1. why not use a "real" filler - like candy that you like or coffee nips or even fill it with sweet n low or something that you use?

    make the jar functional and then it won't be trendy - my two cents!

  2. Hi Joni,
    I thought of that, like cotton balls or something I actually use. So, do you feel like changing the fillers for the seasons, is kind of trendy/tacky? I'm trying to decide myself. Right now I have a couple filled with sand and seashells for the summer. At Christmas I use antique Christmas balls. I guess when i see them everywhere I feel like they're overdone. Thanks so much for your input. I don't know the best way to respond to you. This way or e-mail?


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