Thursday, January 3, 2013

Organize - Schmorganize

How is it that after Christmas every advertisement and every magazine article is about dieting and organizing?  It makes sense since we've usually bought more stuff and have eaten too much.  Yes, I'm back on the "eating right" bandwagon. But organizing, not so much.  I still haven't taken down my Christmas decorations yet.  I'm planning on working on that  Saturday.  I like to keep some of the more "winter" decorations up a little longer, such as the pine cones and maybe snowflakes.  You know, for a woodsy looking feel.  When my girls were little we would make paper snowflakes and tape them on the windows.  
Here are some inspiration photos.
Source: via Kate on Pinterest

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

I love to add balls of twine and yarn to baskets.  At least more than I usually have sitting around from all of those unfinished knitting projects.  I pull out my small but growing collection of clocks for the New Year and books are always in my decorating, however, they are probably even more appropriate for the winter months.  If I get very creative and do something worth showing, I'll post pictures once I take down Christmas. It's hard to get all this done when I'm being challenged to get back on the diet and organize my junk drawers. First things first. Do share how you decorate after Christmas, are you inspired by the Winter?


  1. When I was getting my January magazines via mail during mid December, I had to laugh at all of the organizing and diet articles! Very fitting for January, but can't they be a little original once in awhile?

    I'm hoping to get Christmas down today and have no idea how I will decorate for winter. I am sort of tired of "stuff"!!


  2. I love the snowflakes and your inspiration photos are amazing!

    Happy New Year!


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