Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's a Start

 I am SO NOT COMPLAINING.  Just stating a fact that I have three mantles to decorate for Christmas this year.  Compared to one for the last 5 years, it's a little bit fun and a little bit CA-RA-ZY.  I'm still loving these thrift store books I used in my Fall decor, so I'm working off a red and brown color palette this year in the Family Room.  
A little glitz, a little nature and some great red cardinals from Target's Smith and Hawken collection.

I also love my fun and funky wire and pearl tree on the left side of my mantle.  There may be some stockings hanging on here before all is said and done.  I haven't decided where to put them yet. We have our kiddos all here this year so we'll need FIVE stockings!!!  YIPPEE!
The Christmas tree is only partially decked.  There are a ton more ornaments to put on it.
 I decorated the Living Room mantle with a little less color because of the dark brown walls.

 I don't think the stockings will fit on here. It just may be good enough for this year.
Later I added some sparkly birds and garland for a little more bling.

This little entry table will see a poinsettia and probably some fresh greens soon. 
Well, toodle ooo, I've got a lot more to do.

I'm participating in the Mantle Linky Party today. Come check out the beautiful mantles.


I'm also participating in Rhoda's Holiday Mantle Party.  Make sure and visit!


  1. ohhh the mantle are so pretty! I love the living room mantle. From the picture the greenery looks real.lol. It's gorgeous, simple and elegant!!

  2. just lovely. i was wondering about your tree... i thought wow, she has so few oranments. i really need to get another tree ... my tree is so full. i often wonder if i will come downstairs & it will be laying on it's side. that would not be good. ha. ha. (:

  3. Really beautiful. Pretty ribbon on your tree and that chalkboard says it all. Merry Christmas

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  5. hi karen...well, you are off to a fab start!! in fact looks like 2 out of the three are finished...i love the pops of red from the cute birdies combined with the old books and that wreath on the mirror looks great! love the jute ribbon on the tree too....and the other mantle is so pretty with the thick garland and tall candles....o.k when do we get to see the 3rd? it must be nice to have 3 fireplaces, but do you ever need the fires going in sunny calif? it has gotten cold here this week, even saw some snow flakes!
    take care,

  6. Oh, I am in love with the second mantle!! I have the same pearl type sprays used in a vignette on a shelf above the couch. So beautiful and simple.


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